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Veterans Day in Hocking Hills

Each year our nation celebrates and commemorates our veterans who have dutifully served our country. We would not be where we are today without all of our veterans. This Veterans Day, show your loved one how much they mean by taking them on a vacation getaway to Hocking Hills. Our travel destination offers beautiful scenery and plenty of exciting activities for you to enjoy. Veterans Day is almost here so plan quickly. Here are a few ways to spend your Veterans Day here in Hocking Hills: 

Hocking Hills State Park 

A visit to the Hocking Hills State Park is essential for any visitor coming to the area. If your veteran loves the outdoors exploring this vast state park will be a joy to them. Hocking Hills State Park is a massive park that offers winding hiking trails that take you past plenty of scenery. There is a total of seven distinct trails in the area; these trails include Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, Cantwell Cliffs, Rockhouse, Conkles Hollow, Cedar Falls, and Whispering Cave. Each trail offers something new to see in person and each are relatively easy to complete. Expect to find gorgeous scenery that can include flowing waterfalls, sandstone cliffs, natural stone bridges, and beautiful creeks. Veterans Day is often a quieter part of the year for us in Hocking Hills so you will find the park to not be as busy as usual. Less traffic means you will have a greater chance to spot local wildlife especially around dusk. Hocking Hills State Park offers a variety of seasonal activities, and the visitors center will offer plenty of information and gifts for purchase. Your veteran will absolutely love a visit to this local attraction. The park is open to all ages and is dog friendly on many of the trails too.  

Stop by Brewery 33 

Take your veteran out for a beer by visiting Brewery 33, the area’s most popular brewery. This local attraction features a variety of hand-crafted ales with common styles available such as IPAs, pilsners, ambers, stouts, and more. You will find a core selection of beers and even some seasonal ones too. Brewery 33 offers a food menu too so you can munch on some snacks as you enjoy your beverage. Brewery 33 also features live music throughout the week on their patio. The musicians come from the area and will provide you with the perfect ambience. Come see where the locals hang by stopping by Brewery 33. 

Take a Scenic Drive 

If you are coming from somewhere that does not see the four seasons you will be in for a treat as the tree leaves are lit up in vibrant colors of red, orange, and yellow. Many visitors in the fall come for the changing colors alone. You can enjoy these beautiful colors by taking your veteran on a scenic drive in the area. Hocking Hills is close to several different loops off the freeways including Skyline Drive Loop. This 24-mile loop offers beautiful views of the Hocking Hills State Park and lets you enjoy the vibrant colors from the comfort of your vehicle. This loop takes approximately 49 minutes to complete from start to finish. Additional loops available to drive include the South Bloomingville Loop that is 35 miles long and the Nelsonville Loop that is 32 miles long.  

Lake Logan State Park 

Take your veteran on a relaxing fishing excursion by visiting Lake Logan State Park. This 400-acre lake is the prime location in the area for fishing and hunting. The lake is known for its population of crappie, bluegill, bass, catfish, and muskie that you can reel up. Local fishing charters can take you out on the lake for a guided tour and also take care of your fishing licenses. Visitors can also purchase a license on their own and rent out gear for the lake marina. For those who wish to see the shoreline take a hike up Buckeye Trail that is located in the northwest end of the park. The temperature will be getting cooler faster so make sure to bundle up if you plan on being out on the lake! 

Dine Out at Rhapsody 

Treat your veteran to a dine meal at Rhapsody, a local restaurant that is located in the historic downtown neighborhood. They utilize a farm to table experience and prepare your meals to order. Rhapsody partners with the local culinary institute to help train a new generation of chefs. The casual atmosphere and live piano music make it a great fusion of fine dining and relaxing ambiences.  

Veterans Day Is Almost Here 

Do not miss out on the Veterans Day holiday that will be here before you know it. Book one of our rental cabins today and experience a relaxing stay in the area. Contact us today! 

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