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Top 5 Photography Spots in Hocking Hills

Quick, grab your camera and head over to Hocking Hills for a picturesque vacation getaway like no other! If you enjoy spending your downtime relaxing with a camera or camera phone in hand to capture incredible scenery, there really is nowhere else quite like Hocking Hills. Our Ohio home is a beautiful forest landscape where you can find plenty of local spots that are perfect for picture taking regardless of whether you are a pro or just someone who wants to capture a special moment. Take a look at the top five Hocking Hills photography spots we have around town.

Ash Cave

It does not get any more picturesque than it does over at Hocking Hills State Park. You will find that many of our spots on this list originate in the park and for good reason. Specifically, Ash Cave is always a local favorite for those exploring the state park. You will find a giant recessed cavern that is the largest of its kind east of the Mississippi River. This giant cavern encompasses a span of 700 feet and even has a runoff waterfall, making it picture perfect. The area is large and is open on one side making it an ideal spot for picture taking. Ash Cave is the most southern area of Hocking Hills State Park so get ready for a small hike to get to it. The trails at Hocking Hills State Park are easy enough to navigate for all ages so make sure to have the proper attire and equipment for a photo session in the woods.

Upper Falls at Old Man’s Cave

Another popular area inside Hocking Hills State Park is Old Man’s Cave. This area of the park is larger than others and encompasses different smaller areas including Lower Falls, Middle Falls, Upper Gorge, and Upper Falls. It is the latter of Upper Falls where you want to make your trek to for a surreal experience. As the name suggests, Upper Falls at Old Man’s Cave consists of natural waterfalls that flush over the horizon. You will want to make sure you have your camera as the proximity of the waterfalls is truly special. Other parts of Old Man’s Cave you will see include the Devil’s Bathtub, the Sphinx Head, and stone tunnels.

John Glenn Astrology Park

Not all photography is focused on the local forest landscape but instead up at the stars. You can do just that when you make a visit over to John Glenn Astronomy Park. This local astrology park is all about looking up at the stars to see the out-of-this-world objects in the night sky. Hocking Hills has a dark night sky so you can easily see the different stars and sometimes planets with the naked eye. You will find other Hocking Hills photography enthusiasts frequent their summer evenings here at John Glenn to snap their perfect pictures. Programs are held each Friday and Saturday night from March through November so you have plenty of time in the year to check it out for yourself. Don’t forget to bring your own telescope if you or your vacation rental has one!

Cantwell Cliffs

Back inside the Hocking Hills State Park you will find Cantwell Cliffs waiting for you. It is one of the most remote parts in the park and you will typically find it to be less busy than other areas, perfect for quiet photography moments. Cantwell Cliffs offers a hiking paradise with plenty of areas to snap a pic of. You will find high rim trails that let you peak down below at the incredible canyons and rivers. There are plenty of waterfalls and creeks to make perfect Hocking Hills photos. Since Cantwell Cliffs is more remote it will take approximately an hour to hike too. Make sure to pack your gear appropriately and know what to expect from the hiking venture.

Rose Lake

Last but not least for the top photography spots around Hocking Hills is Rose Lake. This is an absolute pristine lake that shimmers in the daylight. You will find the natural reflection off the water’s surface to provide incredible opportunities for Hocking Hills photos. Boats are allowed out onto the water so you can easily paddle or drive to any spot to find the perfect picture. Rose Lake is typically popular for fishing making it quieter than other local lakes so you can truly dive deep into your photography.

Hocking Hills Is Your Picturesque Destination

Nothing quite looks as good as Hocking Hills, especially with a camera or camera phone in hand. Take your photography journey to our area by reserving a vacation rental nearby. You will have access to fine amenities and be in close proximity to these top photography spots. Come see Hocking Hills for yourself!

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