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Top 5 Places to Watch Hocking Hills Wildlife

There are many reasons to travel to a forested region such as Hocking Hills. Maybe you are looking for some quiet hiking trails to explore. Or maybe you want to escape the business of the city and enjoy a smaller town setting. One of the top reasons to visit a location such as Hocking Hills is also wildlife sightseeing. We have several state parks close by, and with them come protected lands where wildlife is able to roam free. If you are hoping to see wildlife out in the open, you will have better luck in some particular locations. Here are the top 5 places where you can hope to see some Hocking Hills wildlife in Ohio:

Hocking Hills State Forest

Hocking Hills is a pretty expansive area that has plenty for you to see and do. When it comes to wildlife here in the area you will find the greater area known as Hocking Hills State Forest is where most animals reside. Hocking Hills is known for a variety of animals that live in the area with none more populous than the white-tailed deer. This variety of deer is one of the most populous deer in the entire country and has a pretty large habitat here inside Hocking Hills State Forest. Similar to other regions that have large populations of deer Hocking Hills is open for hunting. There are specified areas inside Hocking Hills State Forest where hunting is allowed. All hunters are required to follow regulations set by the Division of Wildlife. Hunting inside Hocking Hills allows the population of white-tailed deer not become overpopulated maintaining the ecosystem of the area. Hocking Hills State Forest is also home to ruffed grouse, barred owls, and bobcats so keep your eyes open as you hike the forest and see what you can find.

Boch Hollow State Nature Reserve

If you find yourself at the edge of the Hocking Hills region you will find yourself nearby Boch Hollow State Nature Reserve. This protected area of land features a variety of habitats from wooded hills to sandstone towers. The preserve is quieter than other areas of Hocking Hills and features several ponds, making it an ideal spot for some wildlife viewing. Pets are not permitted on the preserve as a protection for local critters patrolling the area.

Hocking Hills State Park

It should come as no surprise that our biggest Ohio sightseeing attraction will be a top wildlife viewing spot. Hocking Hills State Park features several distinct areas ripe to explore during your visit. With the park being so big you will have plenty of opportunities to explore for wildlife. Many of the areas are heavily trafficked, which may prevent you from a successful viewing. However, most wildlife that lives inside Hocking Hills State Park is more active at dawn and dusk. This means those who make the trek to the park early in the morning may be rewarded with seeing wildlife out in the open. The park features similar wildlife habitats as Hocking Hills State Forest since it is a part of the area. Hocking Hills State Park is also known for black bear sightings in the area. If you are fortunate enough to see one of these majestic creatures kindly keep your distance and do not offer it any food. Black bears were previously extinct in the area before being brought back and continue to grow in their population.

Lake Logan State Park

Head over to the Southeastern area of Hocking Valley and you will come across Lake Logan State Park. This area is just a short drive away from our vacation rentals and features a great lake known for fishing and boating. Local wildlife is known to come to the lake and explore around it early in the morning and late in the evening. When visiting you can say wildlife which includes deer, foxes, wild turkeys, waterfowl, grouse, and more. Lake Logan State Park also allows hunting with a proper license and follows state regulations.

Kessler Swamp State Nature Preserve

For a different setting to see Hocking Hills wildlife take the drive over to Kessler Swamp State Nature Preserve. The area features 20 acres of naturally developing swamp landscape. When someone first hears of a swamp, they typically do not expect to find the most pleasant wildlife. However, Kessler Swamp State Nature Preserve features a large population of beavers and plenty of waterfowl that are often out for viewing. Explore the many trails and enjoy this unique landscape.

Plenty of Wildlife Here in Hocking Hills

Grab your binoculars and get ready for a wildlife-viewing journey here in Hocking Hills. Our properties will keep you close to these popular areas and keep you comfortable all stay long.

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