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Hocking Hills Dining

The Ultimate Dining Guide to Hocking Hills, Ohio

05/13/2024 | by bizcor | Dining

A vacation is the perfect time to treat yourself to something nice, whether that is purchasing a nice gift for yourself or seeing incredible attractions found nowhere else. You can also treat yourself to an incredible meal at a local restaurant. Hocking Hills has plenty of local restaurants that will provide you with an unforgettable menu and fantastic service for a memorable experience. We are here to point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a great meal. Take a look at our ultimate dining guide to Hocking Hills below!

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When it comes to vacations, there is no better kind of meal to treat yourself to than fine dining. However, budgeting for a meal at a fine dining restaurant can be tight on the wallet. Not for long, as the Hocking Hills area is home to Rhapsody, a casual fine dining establishment located in Nelsonville. This Ohio restaurant has become a staple in the community since they first opened their doors. The restaurant is located in the Public Square of Downtown Nelsonville and is surrounded by the art district. Rhapsody offers cutting-edge American cuisine that features seasonal entrees and ingredients. The relaxed atmosphere does not feel pretentious and instead inviting to all.

Rhapsody became popular in the area once it was announced they partnered with Hocking College’s Culinary Arts, Baking, and Hospitality and Events Management program. Students in the program hone their skills needed to become a professional chef here at the restaurant. While having students prepare your meals may initially sound frightening, fret not, as the program is one of the best in the area with each student having already gathered a vast skillset.

Rhapsody is open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday from 5:00 to 9:00 PM. The entrée selection includes a variety of favorites such as primavera pasta, burrata stuff ravioli, New York strip, ribeye, pan seared scallops, blackened salmon, Tuscan chicken, and much more. You can even order something simple such as a classic burger or fish and chips to tide you over. The appetizer selection, including coconut crusted shrimp and pork pot stickers, are sure to get your appetite going. Rhapsody also features a lengthy wine selection by the bottle so you can easily pair your entrée with your wine choice.

Jazz Night takes place every Wednesday night from 6:00 to 8:00 PM where live jazz music will be on display. Don’t forget about brunch during your stay and join Rhapsody’s brunch on Sunday mornings from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. You will find your breakfast classics including eggs benedict, Belgian waffles, avocado toast, French toast, and biscuits and gravy. The lunch portion of the menu also includes burgers, steak and eggs, breakfast burrito, and a salmon BLT. As you can see Rhapsody has quite a bit to offer and at a great price so stop in during your vacation getaway in Hocking Hills.

Restaurant Salaam

You will find fine world-class cuisine, wine, and beer when you enjoy a meal at Restaurant Salaam, located over in Athens. This exotic restaurant offers a fine dining feel but in a family friendly atmosphere. Guests will take in the bright colors and unique décor of the restaurant as they enjoy their world class meal.
Restaurant Salaam features an eclectic menu that includes many traditional and nontraditional dishes from the Mediterranean and Middle East. The dinner menu at Restaurant Salaam always includes mainstay dishes that are always on the menu. This includes delicious meze or appetizers such as hummus, baba gannoush, and tzatziki. The restaurant offers a variety of soup and salads that are a great light meal or starter for your entrée. You will find many Mediterranean dishes that are incredible such as the lamb rib chops, lamb kabob, shish tawook, and ribeye steak. The house specialties feature a variety of curries, including the coconut chicken curry and salmon taratour. You will also find several vegetarian and vegan dishes for those with dietary preferences. Handheld items such as wraps, gyros, and shawarmas are a great introductory entrée into Mediterranean food that do not hold back on the delicious flavor. Don’t forget about dessert with tiramisu and baklava on the menu. Restaurant Salaam also features weekly specials that rotate out each week. Examples of previous weekly specilas have include chevre stuffed dates, chicken bisteeya, and lamb tagine.
Don’t be afraid if you are unable to pronounce an entrée, as the friendly staff will be more than happy to help with your selection. You will find a drink menu with wine and beer from all over the Mediterranean region. Restaurant Salaam is open Wednesday to Saturday each week from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM. The restaurant also provides to-go orders for those who call ahead before opening. Don’t miss out on the incredible flavors of the world at Restaurant Salaam.

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Kindred Spirits

Fine dining knows no limits when you make a stop at Kindred Spirits during your next Hocking Hills journey. This restaurant is located near Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills State Park is always a popular spot for intimate dining in the area. This restaurant features world class cuisine that is made to order for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The dinner menu is expertly selected by executive chef Josh Thurston for an incredible experience. A variety of starters and salads are available to start your meal off with. The entrees are what will catch your eye with current options including Tuscan grain bowl, pork chops, red pepper pesto chicken, cavatappi alla vodka, and bistro steak. You will also find locally sourced ribeye and strip steaks sold at market price. Of course, no meal is complete without a glass of wine to pair with your entrée. The lunch menu continues with a variety of sandwiches and soups to entice your midafternoon meal.

Breakfast is perhaps the most popular mealtime at Kindred Spirits, especially for weekend brunch plans. Your morning can start off with a variety of delicious options including pancakes, French toast, granola, steel cut oats, house made muffins, and more. Enjoy a variety of fresh squeezed juices or fresh roasted coffee. Breakfast on the outside patio during the warmer seasons is the perfect way to start your day. Reservations are highly recommended for brunch at Kindred Spirits.

Brewery 33

If you prefer to enjoy a meal with a rotating selection of food, head over to Brewery 33. This local brewery is a family friendly location where you can enjoy a pint of house made craft beer. All of the popular varieties are on tap along with rotating seasonal beers too. For food, Brewery 33 features some of the best food trucks in the area on a rotating schedule. Grab your meal from the food truck and enjoy it in the beer garden for an incredible experience. There is nothing better than the combination of craft beer and freshly prepared food.

Get Ready for Hocking Hills

As you can see, there are quite a few different ways to enjoy a meal here in Hocking Hills. Get ready for your stay by reserving one of our vacation rentals here in the area.

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