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Explore Nature with Eco Tours in Hocking Hills

Whenever you travel somewhere new, you will want to see the surrounding landscape. Exploring new areas is a part of why we want to see new travel destinations. The same can be said of Hocking Hills, as the area features some stunning landscapes that you can easily see on your own, but an eco tour will help you see all there is. Join one of the many eco tours in Hocking Hills to see the wonderful forest terrain and help the environment. Here is what you need to know about our eco tours in the area:

High Rock Adventures

Hocking Hills is home to a variety of outdoor adventure companies that will take you out into the natural landscape. This includes High Rock Adventures, who offer thrilling rock climbing and rappelling adventures up the natural sandstone cliffs. If you are not in the mood for learning how to rock climb or rappel you can easily join one of their incredible eco-tours. Immerse yourself in the environment with the Nature Rocks! eco-tour put on by High Rock Adventures. This fully guided tour lets you explore the mature fern forest of the area along with stunning rock formations. Visitors will be able to learn all about the history, geology, and flora of the region. Visitors will also be able to challenge themselves with rock tunnels, narrow squeezes, and rock halls to explore too. You can join a public tour with other individuals. These tours include the Natural High Tour which teaches you about the local flora, the Forest Edible and Medicinal Plant Tour which showcases local medicinal plants and roots, and the Nature Therapy Tour which allows you to enjoy a meditative walk in the forest. Other options include having a custom guided tour that is personalized around you or a private tour. Private tours allow you to find trails with special accommodations such as wheelchair access or along you to bring your dog. Whatever you are looking for let High Rock Adventures show you the way.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

If you need help reconnecting with nature Hocking Hills Canopy Tours will have you covered. There is not a more appropriate name for this local tour company that offers eco tours throughout the year. Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is located in Rockbridge, making it close to many of our vacation rentals. Similar to other eco tour companies in the area Hocking Hills Canopy Tours are family-friendly and a relaxing yet engaging experience. Their Rockbridge Experience is the ideal tour that will take you to the landmark itself of the area. This tour offers a 1.5-mile open-air scenic drive that will take you to Rockbridge. This is just the start of your journey as the stunning beauty of Rockbridge will be the star. Learn all about Rockbridge and its natural scenery surrounding it with a 60-to-90-minute experience. Your family will be in awe of this stunning landmark and all of the incredible information you will learn about it.

Have Your Own Eco Tour

When you visit Hocking Hills you will be at the home of the Hocking Hills State Park, an incredible natural attraction that is complete with seven distinct hiking areas. Instead of booking an eco tour with a local tour company you can always have your own tour at Hocking Hills State Park. Most of the hiking areas in the park are rated moderate to easy allowing most individuals to enjoy them. Keep an eye out during your treks for unique flora that grows in the region. Bring a pair of binoculars so you can see wildlife from a distance. Hocking Hills State Park also offers a unique setting that includes recessed caverns, natural sandstone bridges, flowing waterfalls and streams, and plenty more. Bring a guidebook that you can find at the local visitor’s center to learn all about the local flora and fauna in the area to help you along your personal tour. Hocking Hills State Park is a great spot to explore in both the summer and winter seasons too. Just make sure you come prepared during your trip. The trails in the area are typically slippery so always make sure to bring proper hiking boots. The winter season is cold so layer up but still expect all of the trails to still be open. Regardless of when you visit, you will find Hocking Hills State Park to be an amazing experience for your personal eco tour.

Hocking Hills Is Ready

Get out and learn all about Hocking Hills eco tours and the surrounding area with an educational yet exciting eco-tour. Our vacation rentals have all of the essentials and amenities you want while being close to the many eco tours you can book. Contact us today!

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