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Movies 10

Hocking Hills, Ohio is the perfect vacation destination when you’re in the mood to travel somewhere where natural beauty abounds and adventure is guaranteed. Those with a passion for outdoor exploration will find everything they’re looking for in this beautiful locale. Towering caves, deep canyons and a maze of hiking trails, creeks, and rivers make the outdoor options endless. While it’s an incredible experience to get out and get into nature, it’s common to crave some movie-time fun when the day comes to a close. Visitors to Hocking Hills are often thrilled to find that a night at the movies is available right in the heart of Nelsonville at Movies 10.

Family Fun for Everyone

This family-friendly film destination invites guests to come and enjoy one of the most recent films on the market in the comfort of a fun and friendly atmosphere. Movies 10 is located at 14333 US-33 and is open every day of the week for added cinematic convenience. Guests can enjoy a film on one of 10 screens for an admission price of only $4.00 a person regardless of age! Movies 10 provides the laid-back atmosphere that makes for an entertaining night out on the town. The theater hosts a variety of films that cater to every age and interest.

Weaver’s Market & Deli | Movies 10 | Hideaway Cabin

Movies with a Side of Flavor

For many movie-goers, an experience at the theater just isn’t the same without the addition of popcorn a drink and snacks. One of the many benefits to spending an evening at Movies 10 is the budget-friendly take on those delicious movie essentials. Guests to Movies 10 can enjoy both popcorn and a soda for only $1.00 each. Families traveling to Nelsonville with children will find these prices unbeatable compared to other theaters, and a wonderful way to save up for even more vacation adventures later on. While your waiting for your movie to start, or looking to burn some extra energy when it ends, Movies 10 comes complete with a large arcade where kids will have the time of their lives zooming through virtual reality or even trying their luck at bumper cars.

Things to Do Nearby

There’s nothing like time spent at the movies with family and friends to make for a great getaway memory. For those travelers with a taste for adventure and fun, the options only continue in the greater Hocking Hills area. When you’re ready to expand your itinerary to include some moments that make the most of the great outdoors, here are some fun things to do in Hocking Hills you won’t want to miss out on while you’re in town.

Learn to Rappel With High Rock Adventures

Whether you’re an experienced climber or someone who is ready to learn a new skill during vacation, making the most of time spent with the team at High Rock Adventures is sure to inspire. High Rock Adventures is located at 10108 Opposum Hollow Road in Rockbridge and is open most days of the week between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm. This company provides a variety of options for eco-tours of the area, but the opportunity to learn to rappel and then take those skills out into nature are always a fan favorite activity for guests. Private instruction is perfect for a beginning while group climbs or rappels can be booked at a customized cost. Learn more about the tours, classes, workshops and excursions available through High Rock Adventures by calling 740-385-9886.

Enjoy Time at Equestrian Ridge Farm

When you’ve had time to explore the cliffsides and are looking to take in the scenery utilizing a new mode of transportation, a trip to Equestrian Ridge Farm is sure to be fun for all. Located at 26711 Pumpkin Ridge Road in New Plymouth, this farm and stables stop provides guests with 2-hour trail rides that highlight the best of Hocking Hills scenery. Instruction is provided before you hit the trails behind a knowledgeable and skilled guide. This stop sits less than 9 miles from Hocking Hills State Park and provides for an educational and often meaningful experience for those that connect with nature and animals on a deep level. Questions regarding pricing can be answered by calling 740-603-2523.

Attractions Nearby

When you’re in the mood for a stop that’s truly one of a kind, head over to the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center where you’ll find free access to the Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum. This quaint abode hosts a collection of over 3,000 pencil sharpeners that were acquired meticulously over 20 years. This colorful collection is captivating and often encourages visitors to stay longer than they planned.

Fun Things To Do In Hocking Hills

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