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Hocking Hills Halloween Journey

There are plenty of fun traditions that define the Halloween holiday. While some focus on the costume parties, others are all about trick-or-treating. No matter how you spend your spooky day, there’s no reason not to increase the fun. This year, consider taking your traditions on the road and enjoying Halloween in Ohio. This scenic destination comes with plenty of options for outdoor exploration as well as opportunities to learn about legends that are sure to thrill! The following are just a few of the many stops to add to your Halloween itinerary this year.

Explore the Stories and Sights at Old Man’s Cave

Located off of State Route 664, Old Man’s Cave is not only a popular Hocking Hills stop, but an ideal destination during the Halloween holiday thanks to the stories that make up its rich past. Accessible by a family-friendly trail, Old Man’s Cave earned its name from Richard Rowe who lived and died in the cave as a hermit in the 18th century. Before Rowe, brothers Pat and Nathanial Rayon called the cave home and both are buried in the area. Come and experience the beauty of this hidden away cave while thrilling at the legends that surround this mysterious area too!

Enjoy Time on Rose Lake

Whether you explore in costume or stick to standard attire, a visit to Rose Lake is worth your time when you’re enjoying a Hocking Hills Halloween getaway. While there’s sure to be a chill in the air, there’s nothing stopping you from heading out on the water in a kayak or canoe and making the most of the colorful scenery. This destination is well-suited as a follow up to a trip to Old Man’s Cave as it is far away along the same trail and works as a midpoint marker between Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls.

Visti the John Glenn Astronomy Park

Halloween is a fun holiday that tends to revolve around mysterious moments and nothing is quite as mysterious as the cosmos. Add a touch of galactic influence into your Hocking Hills Halloween trip by heading to John Glenn Astronomy Park with your telescope. Taking time to learn more about what lies beyond in the universe is sure to be a highlight of your stay. The park is located off of OH-664 near Logan.

Stop by the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway

Not all of the activities around Halloween in Hocking Hills have to be spooky. You can also find a variety of family friendly activities that will make for an exciting excursion in and around the area. One of the most sought-after activities in the area is found over at Hocking Valley Scenic Railway. This historic railway can be found in East Logan where you take a 3 hour round trip through the historic southeast back country of Ohio. An elegant, four course meal will accompany the train ride that is prepared by Chef Alfonso Constisciani. Enjoy the incredible views as you dine in on a delicious entrée course after course. A two-hour express train ride is also available for those who do not have the full three hours available. A variety of special events also take place around the Halloween season. The Starbrick BBQ and Brews Steam Express train ride features a delicious combination of craft beer and smoked BBQ. A Trunk or Treat event will also take place on 10/30 at 6:00 PM for some Halloween thrills.

Stop by the Hocking

Another great state park that is available around the Halloween season can be found over at Tar Hollow State Park. This park is known for its twisting roads and dense woodlands that cover the area. Shortleaf and pitch pines can be seen scattered around the park along with a variety of wildflowers of all colors of the rainbow. The fall season is incredible with the changing colors of the leaves. A variety of outdoor activities can also be included such as boating, fishing, hunting, and swimming. The ponds and lakes are always full of fish so you can expect to reel in a great catch during your stay. You will not need to worry about bringing any of your gear from home as local gear shops always have rentals available. Pick up what you need during your stay and for as long as you need them. Two trails are available for hiking including the Homestead Trail that is a 2.5-mile loop perfect for families; the Ross Hollow Hiking Trail is a 3.5-mile loop that features moderate terrain making it ideal for more experienced hikers. The various gazebos offer plenty of room to set up a picnic or small party for those who are visiting the area at Tar Hollow State Park.

Enjoy the Getaway

Whether you’re visiting for Halloween in Ohio or headed this way any time of year, the team at Buffalo Cabins and Lodges can help book you into just the right Hocking Hills cottage rental for Halloween. Contact us today to learn more and to start planning.

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