Top 5 Activities to Do in Hocking Hills for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Top 5 Activities to Do in Hocking Hills for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Each year our nation celebrates the life and accomplishments with Martin Luther King, Jr. in January. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day takes place in January is always a federal holiday making sure the kids are out of school. This makes for a great time to book your next vacation getaway to Hocking Hills to enjoy the extended weekend. January is a great time to visit after the busy holiday season as most people stay home. Take a look at the best things to do in Hocking Hills for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:

Explore Hocking Hills State Park

The area’s biggest and most popular attraction will always be the Hocking Hills State Park. This expansive park is a top destination year-round even during the colder months of winter. Hiking the park in January during your extended weekend will provide you with incredible opportunities not found in the warmer months. Explore the seven distinct areas of the park that will take you past recessed caverns, sandstone cliffs, and beautiful scenery found nowhere else. Hocking Hills State Park also features flowing streams and waterfalls that are a marvel to see in person. The winter season often freezes them in place as they glisten in the sunlight. Local wildlife is typically more active too with the decreased foot traffic so keep an eye out for any deer! Many of the trails are also dog friendly so feel free to bring your friendly canine companion!

Visit Lake Logan

Another fun Hocking Hills things to do is none other than a visit to Lake Logan. This local lake offers some incredible fishing spots throughout the year. If you want to brave the elements try your hand at fishing with a local guide or on your own; fishing license is always required when fishing in the state of Ohio. If fishing is not your favorite outdoor activity you can always try ice skating. Lake Logan offers ice skating to individuals of all experience levels. This is the perfect way to still feel some of that holiday spirit after December has passed.

Warm Up with a Beverage

A visit to Hocking Hills for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is not just for the kids. The adults can warm up this holiday weekend by visiting one of the local watering holes in the area. Ohio is known for moonshine which you can try out at Hocking Hills Moonshine. You will be in for quite the treat if you have never enjoyed their hand made moonshine before. Have a cocktail prepared for you or enjoy their flavored moonshine that will not be too strong. Wine lovers will enjoy a trip to Hocking Hills Winery that uses locally foraged grapes to create their delicious wines. Tasting flights are a great way to try out their selection before your purchase a bottle to take back to your vacation rental. Their tasting room keeps you out of the cold. Brewery 33 is the local brewery that is a local favorite. This location is family friendly and offers a little bit of something for everyone. Their selection of handmade ales always includes their core beers along with seasonal offerings that rotate throughout the year. They usually have a food truck onsite to whip up some tasty food. Brewery 33 also features holiday activities throughout the year, outdoor games, and live music events with local artists. Plenty of fun awaits you at these beverage purveyors.

Visit a Unique Store or Museum

Hocking Hills also features some quirky locations that are great to see in person during extended weekends such as Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. Visit the Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum located at the visitor center. As the name suggests this pencil sharpener museum features thousands of unique pencil sharpeners; it holds the biggest collection in the country! The Wind Chime Shop is another unique stop that offers locally made wind chimes that make for the perfect gift for someone back home.

Book Something with High Rock Adventures

If you are looking for adventure, look no further than High Rock Adventures. This local adventure company offers a variety of the best things to do in Hocking Hills such as canyoning, rappelling, and climbing tours. Don’t let the winter season fool you into thinking there are no outdoor adventures to partake in. High Rock Adventures will have you covered for everything adventure related!

Find Educational Hocking Hills Things to Do

These are just a few of the many things available for you to enjoy here in Hocking Hills in January. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is always the perfect time to visit so you do not have to rush through everything in a day or two. Make sure to book one of our vacation rentals today for the most comfortable stay in the area.

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